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BIG NEWS! We are moving and going 100% remote!

We are closing our office in Chelmsford after 15 years! This community has been so supportive of us, we will be forever grateful. This is where I started my business and it has continued to support many local businesses and employees over the years.

In these changing times, we have seen how effective our staff can be working from anywhere and we want to be a part of this culture shift that's happening worldwide.

While we plan to be as connected to clients as ever, this will no longer include meeting at the Chelmsford office. Instead, we will use vidoe conferencing and flexible co-work spaces in West Concord and Salem, Massachusetts. We will continue to collaborate as a team and give you great service, as always.

To make this transition as smooth as possible check out our FAQ's at the bottom of the newsletter and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Thank you so much for being a valued client! We appreciate your business.


How can I schedule a virtual meeting?

Reach out to any of us individually, Barry, Laura or Hannah to schedule a virtual meeting.

Where can we meet in person?

We have two conference spaces available for meetings.

  • West Concord - The Wheelhouse - Laura will meet clients here!

  • Salem - Workbar - Barry has conference availability here and he can use any of their 9 locations!

Hannah will have some ability to meet in person but please coordinate directly with her.

Staff contact info?

If you have any questions about processes or procedures, Hannah is our client administrator, feel free to reach out to her @ 978-244-2470 or click here to email her.

Where do I send physical documents?

We prefer electronic documents scanned into to the portal but if you prefer to send us the physical documents, please use our PO Box 421 in Chelmsford. Address below. Hannah will scan the documents in and return them to you when complete.


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